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All over the world universities and college are doing a good job of providing formal education. Yet, people are lacking happiness, security, adequate money, confidence, and wholesome success in life. For solution of all kind of problems, the masses are becoming excessively dependent on government and empty rituals. It is common to find individuals holding others responsible for all of their predicaments.

Clearly, something is missing despite our education, high-technology, religious faith, and plenty of unforeseen world-wide opportunities. This one day symposium is organized to bring together ambitious people from all levels of society, for experiencing potential pathways to perpetual happiness and wholesome success.


People of all ages and experience who want to excel in life and who are passionate about contributing to a better world, while enjoying prosperity.

It is particularly for those who feel stuck in life, or not progressing fast enough, and are open to learning how to further improve their achievement skills.

If you often find yourself taking too long in making beneficial decisions even when all facts are known, or make poor choices, and feel most of the time others are responsible for your less-thanperfect situations, then you must adjust your schedule to benefit from this rare one day opportunity.