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About the workshop

Improper healthcare waste management is a major public health problem worldwide. Inefficient disposal of biomedical waste (BMW) can lead to infectious diseases, malignancies, fetal malformations, chronic cardio-pulmonary diseases, antimicrobial resistance, endocrinal disturbances, air, land and water pollution for generations to come. Efficient and eco-friendly methods for handling healthcare waste are crucial. Effective healthcare waste management is not only a legal necessity but also a social responsibility.

Poor public health conditions, indiscriminate use of antibiotics leading to antimicrobial resistance and lack of compliance to occupational and environmental safety precautions and protocols in health care sector has resulted in an increase in morbidity and mortality in the country.

This national workshop is being organized to highlight these issues, and explore methods of greater occupational, environmental safety and better healthcare waste management. The National Workshop will create the necessary awareness amongst the various stakeholders such as health care community, municipality, industry, academicians and technical experts who are expected to carry the message to their respective organizations for the implementation of the correct procedures. Experts from Urban Development Ministry, Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, World Health Organization, Centres for Disease Control, UNIDO, IIT and other stakeholders from different fields will join forces to deliver state-of-art lectures, generate scientific discussions. The workshop is likely to be attended by 300-400 delegates from all over India.

The workshop is further open to those who are interested to discover the problems and solutions for Healthcare Waste Management, Environmental and Occupational Safety.

IDC Foundation and VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi are organizing this National Workshop on “Healthcare Waste Management, Environmental and Occupational Safety” on 25th -26th April, 2019 at IIC New Delhi.

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