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  What You May Expect  

  • Learnfrom, and share your views with, experts from different fields.

  • Practical experience of basic procedures fordevelopment of your “Success-Mindset”, to know what you really want in life andget results. First hand experience of a simple technique for instantaneousmeditation anywhere (safe) and at any time, for gradual development of“whole-mind” power involving your conscious as well as subconscious. This isbased on a new book, “Success Is Natural – with Practical Benefits ofSpirituality” by Rohit Chauhan, available at Amazon. As a bonus, all attendeeswill receive a PDF of this book.

  • Simple techniques for management of crippling emotions and stress.

  • Regardless of formal education, in this participatory event, you will experience how to get what money can never buy? With that, you will make it easier for you to experience perpetual happiness and greater wholesome success – yes, including wealth.

Throughout the Programme you will also benefit from the views of internationally reputed Vedic scholars, educationists and Scientists