IDC FOUNDATION | International Conference on Health and Air Pollution: Effects and Management (ICOHAP-EM-2018)

Proposed Themes

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The paper should be related to environment, pollution, health research, public health, environment related mentalhealth and associated diseases. Suggestive themes are as given below:

  • Session 1: Sources of Air Pollution, Levels & Trends
  • Session 2: Air Quality Monitoring
  • Session 3:Health and Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution
  • Session 4:Innovative Solutions and Available Technologies for Air Pollution Control
  • Session 4:Air Pollution Managements & Regulatory measures
  • Session 5: Agriculture based burning : Pollution and Technology
  • Session 6:Long term health impacts of air pollution

Parallel Technical Sessions:

  • Session 1: Group Work for BRICS & Other countries and Researchers and Academia
  • Session 2: Group Work for Medical Professionals, Regulatory Agencies, Technology Providers,Industry, Government, Experts

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