IDC FOUNDATION | National Workshop on “Healthcare Waste Management, Environmental and Occupational Safety ” (HWME-OS-2019)

Themes and Topics of Interest

Themes and Topics of Interest

Healthcare Waste:

Overview of Bio-Medical Waste Rules, 2016 and BMWM (amendment) rules 2018, Pipeline, Policy,Capacity building UNIDO

Strategies for BMWM in special locations/situations: Non-bedded HCFs, Disasters, AYUSH, Defence, Blood banks, Camps

Accreditation standards related to bio-medical waste management: Kayakalpa, NQUAS, NABH

Common bio-medical waste treatment disposal facilities: Technical audit across India,

Innovative and Inspection Apps in BMWM

Liquid waste management: Technologies, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary HCFs, Municipalities

Other healthcare Waste: Solid Waste, Hazardous waste, E-waste, etc

Occupational and Environmental Safety:

Threat to patients from Bio-Medical Waste

Occupational safety relation to BMWM

Antimicrobial resistance in the Environment: WHO, CDC national and international perspectives

Sustainable Health

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